Recently I was posting some paintings made on fabriano which prompted a question via my instagram @aisling_drennan_art ‘What is Fabriano?’. Fabriano is a type of paper that I started working with about three years ago. It’s a smooth, acid free, cotton based water colour paper that I began using because I wanted to experiment making paint marks on a new surface as I was taking my work in a different direction. Once it’s primed, I found it really versatile for working on with oil paint. Right now it suits my painting practice because I can easily make light, fluid and gestural paint marks which I was finding hard to achieve on my previous surface of fine cotton based canvas. Change is always good, I’ll still work on canvas but I’m really enjoying the process of learning how to paint on really good paper- Fabriano!

Image: Skellig A-haon, 2019, oil paint, oil bar and charcoal on primed fabriano (framed), 51x61cm