Being the time of year it is I’ve received inquiries about buying paintings as Christmas gifts for loved ones and what the options are. Here are a few things to consider if you think an original painting might be something someone close to you would enjoy receiving.     

1. If you’re not sure which painting your loved one might like, why not book a studio date for you and the recipient to visit my studio together. This way you can chat through which colour palette, dimension and style will best suit you and your home.

2. If you buy a painting as a Christmas gift but the recipient, for one reason or another would prefer a different piece I can exchange for similar.

3. If you would like the recipient to have more time to consider my work I can offer a gift certificate.

An original work of art is unique, no one else has it and I think this is part of the joy of gifting original art. Check out my ‘work’ tab to see my latest paintings, studies & prints.

If you would like to chat more or have another idea in mind, please get in touch.

Best Wishes, Aisling